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VR shoot with Lacey Fire Wrapped!!!

We just finished our first 360 Spherical capture module for #CPRsavesVR.   The idea is that we engage citizens in ways that takes you into a scenario no one is ever quite ready for – a cardiac arrest.   VR as an empathy and presence vehicle for situations that are trauma inducing and stressful is a great way to train and build an instinctual response should the same effect occur for real within our lives.   It’s like training for earthquake preparedness.  You don’t know exactly what to do until you’ve experienced it.  The second time around, you can identify it, move quickly without panic, and operate effectively.   A cardiac arrest is no different.   This is why we shot it at home in the morning where you’re most likely going to experience a cardiac arrest with someone you love.   We plan on shooting different modules to empower people with the knowledge to save a life.   By starting CPR immediately you directly influence the possibility of a successful outcome.   This project is launching on September 17th.


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