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LATEST: CPRsavesVR is going global

We are excited to have rolled out CPRsavesVR – A VR public health campaign, which is free of charge to help save lives worldwide.  By combining non-fiction storytelling based on real survivor stories with immersive true-to-life VR content, we’ve developed a methodology that empowers people to respond effectively during a chaotic emergency like witnessing a cardiac arrest. CPRsavesVR was developed and launched in Washington State, a global leader in EMS services with an outstanding cardiac arrest survival rate at over 60%.

Our mission is to expand CPRsavesVR worldwide and reach the communities that need it the most by the most accessible means possible free of charge.

Our goal is to prepare people, in their native language, for the chaotic and unexpected situation of witnessing a cardiac arrest in order to reduce hesitation factors that often lead to a victim’s death.  A victim’s chance of survival jumps to an astonishing 50% if someone acts quickly and starts CPR.

CPRsavesVR is based on 911 calls and EMS provider experience. It was designed in collaboration with Lacey Fire District 3 and Thurston County Medic OneWe see story as an ongoing discourse of observation and participation across devices, spaces, and community.  We develop and produce all forms of content for that conversation ranging from reality-based or fiction, short form or feature length, augmented or virtual reality, and integrated multi-platform.



What we do

We look for stories that have meaningful impact on lives we share this world with.

No matter what medium or delivery format, we consistently produce engagement strategies that work.  Stories are the most valuable commodity we have in communications.  That’s why we focus on how they can be used to help to improve lives and build stronger communities.   We believe experiences are the new currency because engagement means people will share.

The heart of it all is a good story

We operate lean, which affords us the flexibility to discover stories that are essential to tell, but difficult to find.

Our focus

We build and engage audiences and social responsibility matters to us.  We want to collaborate with people that feel the same way.

Who we are

We have a background in TV, radio, advertisement and education.  We aren’t bound to a single location, and we employ from a strong network of industry-leading artists, filmmakers,  composers and programmers to create and make stories for our clients and for ourselves.

View filmmaker and author credits here

Content Creation

We are always looking for creative opportunities to produce content from the moment an idea is born to the point we release it. We build conversations which in turn shapes communities. With this aim, we embody a wide range of skill sets covering creative development, production, post-production, and delivery.

Integrated Advocacy

We build advocacy campaigns through multiple channels of community-building, narrative, policy change and public education. This model requires strategic, innovative thinking and reflection through a process of defining the problem, organizational capacity, building stories around goals and solutions, targets, and then following from that foundation, advocacy tactics.

Strategy + Consultancy

We consult with companies, organizations, and institutions to train and implement content strategies. Our strengths are bridging the uncertainty inherent in producing reality-based content with an organization’s need to get that story out to the public.

Contact Us

We’d like to thank the clients we have worked with for their courage to try and do something different with us.  Please get a hold of us to discuss your project.  We’d love to share our thoughts and explore the possibilities.    


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