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Big day today- CPRsavesVR official launch event at Lacey Fire District 3 Station 31

The pictures speak for themselves.

The visitors experienced a realistic cardiac arrest call in 360 degrees VR, learned the three steps to Chest-Compression-Only CPR, got a free CPRSavesVR Cardboard VR Viewer, met their Emergency Responders and Staff, got a tour of the station, fire engine and medic unit.

Very proud that this idea became reality today. This is the first big step to reach our goal: To help save lives worldwide, with a variety of specifically planned and produced VR public outreach campaigns, which will be available for free. 

BIG THANKS to the whole hard working team and all people involved (also the ones not shown on this picture) !
From the press release: Thurston County Medic One, Lacey Fire District 3, and The University of Washington have come together to produce a first of it’s kind, 360-degree experience so that we can better serve our citizens while making our community safer! http://blog.cprsavesvr.com



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