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siemens /answers

More than 60 heroes in over 3 years. More than 60 touching, surprising, true stories about how technology can help to change people’s lives for the better.

Told by renowned documentary filmmakers from around the world – in their own style, from their own perspective, and always from the hero’s point of view.

That was /answers, the storytelling magazine powered by Siemens from 2011-2014. Watch them all again at  youtube.com/answers

Producer on behalf of Virtual Identity, Munich: Carmen Alzner

Thanks to all participating filmmakers and writers


Oli Barry, USA

David Betteridge, UK

Thomas Bischof, Austria

Anton Califano, UK

Jörg Daiber, Germany

Barbara Eder, Austria

Jan Hinrik Drevs, Germany

Katie Galloway & Kelly Duane de la Vega, USA

Cyril Eberle, United Arab Emirates

Lixin Fan, China

Andy Isaacson, USA

Eline Jongsma & Kel O’Neill, USA

Dela Kienle, Netherlands

Roland May, Germany

Michelle Mediana, Morokko

Zac Murphy, USA

Lorien Kranen, USA

Mattias Olsson, Sweden

Juan Pablo Rios, Columbia

Joachim Puls, Germany

The Riahi Brothers, Austria

Sasie Sealy, USA

Lukas Schmidt & Tom Streuber, Germany

Hannes Schuler, Germany

Yoav Shamir, Israel

Vikram Sinha, India

Frode M. Skog, Norway

Brennan Stasiewicz, USA

Christian Stiefenhofer, Germany

Anna Telford & Felix Seuffert, South Africa

Hüseyin Tabak, Austria

Nastia Tarasova, Russia

Andreas Tölke, Germany

Christian Kurt Weisz, Austria

Tomas Wolski, Poland

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