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Remnants of War / A VR Documentary

Category: Entertainment, Strategy

Client: Independent Project

Date: 2017

This project is in pre-production, and we are actively seeking funding.

A virtual reality documentary and a journey through the lives and worlds afflicted by landmines, unexploded ordinances, and improvised explosive devices in Southeast Asia.

In 2015, I traveled to Cambodia with the generous support of USC’s Peter Clarke Grant to begin the process of capturing an underdog story about how the smallest of creatures are helping eliminate the largest of problems – landmines.

What I saw in Cambodia was hard to experience and simply unforgettable. Communities are paralyzed. Just outside their doors are old, leftover explosives putting the lives of their children, themselves and their communities at daily risk.

We realized we couldn’t tell this story just traditionally. We needed a more immersive medium. We wanted viewers to experience the palpable and deafening feeling of standing on uncertain ground.  I decided to wait and tell this story in Virtual Reality when the technology hit mainstream.

Virtual reality has finally arrived! We can move out of the world of frames into the world of encounters.
Please contact us for detailed information on treatment, budget and filming schedule.



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