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CPRsaves VR – a VR public health campaign

Category: Advocacy, Education, Strategy

Client: murphy+alzner

Date: Fall 2016

The truth is, it’s scary to do CPR. The stress and anxiety it produces may cause bystanders to hesitate in an actual emergency. CPRsavesVR is getting people ready for the unexpected, by doing it in Virtual Reality. A victim’s chance of survival increases dramatically to 50% if a bystander reacts right away.

Seconds count and we believe that the best way to prepare people for a crisis is to try and bring them as close to a cardiac arrest as humanly possible in a safe way. Our goal is to prepare people worldwide in their language for the chaotic and unexpected situation of witnessing a cardiac arrest to reduce hesitation factors that often lead to a victim’s death. Through VR we are turning the viewer into a bystander. What they see is emotional, deeply engaging and unforgettable.

We are combining non-fiction storytelling based on real survivor stories with immersive true-to-life content to deliver the first of it’s kind – A VR public health campaign free of charge to save lives.

CPRsavesVR was meticulously designed based on real 911 calls and EMS provider observations in collaboration with Lacey Fire District 3 and Thurston County Medic One Washington State leads the United States when it comes to delivery successful outcomes with a cardiac arrest survival rate at 60%.

Additional challenge: Adopting the Medium.

VR being such a new way to watch we needed to incorporate additional steps to ensure that people understand the set up for viewing. So this campaign is not just about how to prepare people to do CPR but also how to watch a film in such a new format.

Please also visit the Lacey Fire District 3 and Thurston County Medic One CPRsaves VR website: http://www.cprsavesvr.com/