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DOUBT/ a VR short film project

Category: Entertainment

Client: Independent

Date: July 2016

DOUBT  is our latest independent VR project, an insightful and provocative 360 spherical film that investigates acts of violence perpetuated from fear of differences.  It exposes how violence can be a perfect sequence of misunderstanding, fuelled by fear, which often leads to irrevocable consequences.  

In our current political and media landscape, differences are continually highlighted within our sociocultural systems, and as a result, fears are fired to act based on those perceived differences. Whether it’s protecting ourselves from an actual or perceived threat of terrorism, gun violence, or merely the right to express oneself, fear of difference is a universal theme that drives us to act in ways that are inherently destructive and often irrevocable.  

Our intentions are to take true events and present them in a peer-to-peer experience to reveal how our belief in the things we experience might not be the whole picture which can lead to regrettable acts of aggression and violence.  Doubt inspires an exchange around the escalation that we don’t typically see in the aftermath of dire acts of brutality.  

Content creators are in the early stages of exploring how VR can be more of a social experience.  Virtual reality and 360 spherical videos afford us the possibilities to construct a multi-dimensional narrative to inspire reflection and discussion.  

Designed as a limited series, our first topic is gun violence based on a real event. DOUBT explores the moment you believe someone is about to commit homicide for the first time.  The choice to act suffers from the hesitation of a doubt – you could be wrong, but your life is at stake – or so it seems.  Gun violence all over the world and especially in America constitutes a litany of massacres, police shootings, and media frenzy, which fosters a turbulent atmosphere of fear and misunderstanding.  Based on a real-life experience of two campers encountering an individual who is believed to attempt homicide for the first time, DOUBT aims to explore the emotional landscape of that moment and all the varying perspectives involved to distil the true nature of that situation.

We are currently looking for funding for this project.

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